Product Liability

When we purchase a product, we should be able to trust that, at the minimum, it won’t harm us. For many, many reasons, from flawed design to sloppy manufacturing, sometimes products fall short of that minimum standard.

Product Liability

If you’re injured because something you bought didn’t perform as it should, contact Griffin Humphries. Our skilled personal injury and product liability attorneys will fight to help ease your physical and financial suffering.

Griffin Humphries has represented clients in many complex product liability cases. Our product liability attorneys understand the legal and investigative skills needed to help victims of defective products get the help they deserve, including compensation for lost wages, payment for current and future medical care, and damages for pain and suffering. 

Griffin Humphries lawyers also understand the tactics manufacturers often employ to keep that compensation to a minimum. Sometimes, a company will make a quick settlement offer in hopes victims will accept a sum that might sound good now but won’t adequately cover future health care needed to make a full recovery. Conversely, manufacturers sometimes will drag cases out in hopes victims will just give up.

The product liability and personal injury attorneys at Griffin Humphries stand ready to counter either tactic, using skills and experience to try to make sure that those suffering through no fault of their own don’t continue to suffer financially.