Estate Litigation

Even when things go smoothly, dealing with the legalities surrounding the death of a loved one can be difficult. When disagreements or challenges arise, an already emotionally fraught situation can become even more so.

Estate Litigation

From fighting to correct the errors of other attorneys that defeat the client’s true intent to exposing abuse of authority in the use of powers of attorney, the estate litigation lawyers at Griffin Humphries have the experience you can rely on.

Griffin Humphries attorneys represent estate trustees, beneficiaries, and fiduciaries in a variety of cases, including instances of fraud, negligence or other wrongdoing. Our skilled attorneys have experience in a range of matters involving South Carolina estate and probate law, including:

  • Abuse of power of attorney
  • Improper divestiture of assets
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Trustee, executor or administrator malfeasance
  • Legal malpractice in drafting a will or other legal estate documents
  • Asset distribution and valuation disputes
  • Tortious interference with inheritance due to fraud, undue influence or other legal misconduct
  • Overreach or undue influence leading to changes in a will while the testator’s capacity was diminished.

Whether you’re seeking to challenge the validity of a will or contesting the actions of estate representatives, the estate litigation attorneys at Griffin Humphries can help.